Structural Analysis is the detailed visualisation of where structures might bend or twist. It is vastly cheaper to test a structure on paper than in reality, and the analysis enables designs to be constructed and optimised before being manufactured. Based on the rules and regulations of all major classification societies covering all types of vessels and marine operations, OSK-Offshore is able to carry out a wide range of calculations to determine the strength of structures or the reinforcements needed.

Our services include:

  • Longitudinal strength 
    The hull needs to be able to contain the cargo safely even in the worst weather conditions. With a structural analysis, it is possible to analyse and calculate the correct amount of strengthening required for the hull.
  • Racking 
    A racking calculation is made typically for vessels with vehicle decks, as due to omitted transverse bulkheads, the superstructure may be prone to swaying.
  • FE models 
    OSK-Offshore is able to calculate both local and global Finite Element models. An FE model is made in order to optimise and design structures with the least amount of steel and welding.
  • Buckling 
    This refers to the structure becoming unstable prior to the actual material failure. The analysis is carried out with Finite Element Modelling or with offset in the rules of the classification societies.
  • Lifting appliances 
    With offset in the rules of the classification societies, OSK-Offshore can calculate the lifting capacity and outreach of a crane, as well as find the most suitable position on the vessel to support the crane.
  • Primary structures 
    These are the framework of the vessel, and often Finite Element Modelling is necessary to determine the complex distribution of significant loads into the structure of the vessel.
  • Conversions 
    OSK-Offshore has many years’ experience in designing both major and minor conversions, ranging from an overall lengthening of the hull to building in additional features such as a hoistable car deck.
  • Ice strengthening 
    This is primarily for vessels sailing in Baltic, Canadian and polar areas. In these waters, the hull needs to be strengthened in order to withstand the huge forces from the ice crushing against the hull.
  • Seafastening 
    This includes local reinforcements, cradles and grillages for transportation of project cargo, e.g. components for wind turbines at sea.
  • Analysis for specified routes, services or single voyages 
    Such an analysis often includes a seakeeping performance analysis of the vessel and comparison with the vessel's structural capability in order to find the possible operational window.
  • Damage investigation and repair specification 
    If a vessel has been damaged or is experiencing structural failures, OSK-Offshore can investigate the source of the failure and prepare a specification for the repairs to rectify the damaged structure and prevent the reoccurrence of structural failures.