2 October 2017 Future talent in ship design

OSK-ShipTech has had the great privilege of having a very enthusiastic and talented young man on-board for a one-week work experience and internship. 

Marcus Thorsen, 15 years old, is a keen sailor and very interested in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering. His ambitious project for the week was the design of a small sailboat and all the processes involved from the very first lines to final rendering and 3D-printed model of the hull. 

Marcus started out the old fashioned way with hand-drawn lines, which he transferred to NAPA for fairing. Using CFD, his model was tested for resistance, flow and performance. Our technical designers helped him with visualisation of his design in a 3D rendering, and to finish off, the hull was ultimately printed in 3D - all this in one week's work! 

We wish Marcus all the best in his future maritime career - we are sure there's a great future in ship design and marine engineering awaiting this young man! 

Marcus Thorsen with his final presentation
3D rendering of Marcus' sailboat
Wave elevation